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Strong partners wanted

Made by B.PRO is a promise ...

... a promise of quality, function, design and service.

In order to be able to keep it, we need like-minded suppliers, financial partners and advisers. National and international partners who understand what we want and what is important to us.

  • Mutual trust
  • Long-term collaboration
  • High-quality performance in accordance with fair criteria
  • Early involvement in task-setting
  • Preference for competitive regional suppliers to international competitors
  • Limitation to few creditors with a high level of trust
  • Acceptance of our environmental and sustainability standards.

True to the B.PRO motto of "From Pros For Pros" we are looking for competent national and international partners who want to join us to implement this principle. In relation to this, we place particular emphasis on our "corporate and "environmental guidelines:

  • our business relationships are based on mutual trust.
  • We strive for reliable, long-term collaboration.
  • We assess the performance of our suppliers and creditors based on demanding, but fair criteria.
  • We involve our suppliers in the development of our products and problem solving at an early stage.
  • Our procurement market is international. We grant special opportunities to competitive local suppliers.
  • We want to limit ourselves to few creditors, collaborating with them in a trusting, open and collaborative manner.

With the supplier portal, the B.PRO Group pursues the following goals:

  • efficient management of supplier data
  • improved communication between supplier and purchasing
  • targeted supplier development to build long-term relationships


Please note that the supplier portal does not work on smartphones, tablets etc.

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Site regulations

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables paperless business transactions between the supplier and the recipient.

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