Recrystallisation annealing of deep-drawn parts

Annealing cold-formed parts is used  to restore original material properties and allows further deep drawing and forming. Restoring the original ductility prevents thinning and cracks from emerging when the material is processed further. The degree of hardness and strength is also reduced during annealing, ensuring greater machinability. The workpiece  dimensional stability is also improved.


Our modern tunnel furnace allows us to treat deep-drawn parts up to 700 mm wide and up to about 340 mm deep with recrystallisation temperatures of up to 1040 °C. The parts go through four heating zones during this process,


which takes place in a protective gas atmosphere consisting of nitrogen and hydrogen. The workpiece temperature and throughput time are precisely defined, depending on the steel composition and degree of deformation. Continuous process parameter monitoring ensures optimum annealing results and eliminates undesired structural change in the stainless steel.


  • Original material properties restored by reducing or eliminating the consequences of work hardening
  • Hardness and consistency reduced
  • Ductility increased
  • Easier machinability
  • Dimensional stability
  • Improved mechanical and electrical properties