Stainless-steel products

Deep-drawn parts

Deep-drawn parts - attractive and functional

Technically demanding deep-drawn parts according to your requirements

B.PRO has long been known for its deep-drawn parts far beyond the borders of Germany. Especially when it comes to sink manufacturing, B.PRO has played a leading role for many years now. We also utilise this expertise for our industrial customers.

Our deep-drawn parts are used in a broad range of different industries; we are suppliers in the food service industry, in the plumbing sector, the automotive industry and in the aircraft industry, where particularly demanding requirements are placed on our products.

For our deep-drawn parts we use exclusively highly corrosion-resistant chrome-nickel steel from renowned manufacturers, because quality begins with the procurement of materials. This guarantees a long-term high surface quality and functionality.

Rear housing for industrial PCs
Computer case
Give heat the cold shoulder.

The rear housing for industrial PCs made of a combination of aluminium and stainless steel (multi-layer) distributes the heat generated during operation without any additional ventilation. Manufacturing: deep drawing, laser cutting.

Deep-drawn base
Deep-drawn, stainless-steel base
Industrial work

The base for industrial dishwashers goes through several drawing stages. Intermediate annealing restores the ductility of the material. Through this, B.PRO achieves a particularly high degree of forming.

The centrifugal tank
Centrifugal boiler
Top quality

Tanks for the laboratory industry. The surface is electro-polished. Embossed function elements

Basins for business aircraft
FACC basin
The FAAC basin

A sophisticated, deep-drawn design with narrow radii for building into the vanity area of the aircraft. Polished surface with anti-fingerprint coating.

Steeped well (deep fryer well)
Stepped well
Product example

Deep-drawn part manufactured in several forming steps, with welded-in bottom drain connecting piece.