Intrinsic values and their surfaces

Our customers expect components which work perfectly from us and rightly so. Aesthetics, particularly surface qualities, should also meet present-day expectations. The two are also inseparably linked at times. Whether you require a simple or highly complex component, we will make it possible.


A component's surface is always exposed to the conditions in its environment and is more or less prone to corrosion, depending on the steel composition. A rough surface offers acids and bases a larger surface area for attack, depending on the environment. The operating life of a component is strongly contingent on how reactive its surface is with its environment. The choice of surface treatment technique therefore plays an important role in a component's operating life.


Our surface finishing methods at a glance:


Mechanical processes:

  • Brushing – different brush surfaces created through mechanical machining – as desired
  • Burnished – almost mirrored surfaces for visible parts
  • Glass bead blasting 


Electrochemical process:

  • Electropolishing – the surface is levelled to produce an even surface
  • Chrome plating


Surface treatment on a component can achieve different properties. Besides protecting against mechanical influences such as wear and friction, this treatment can enhance corrosion resistance, promote or impair conductivity or deliver optical functions such as reflection or absorption.