A successful project starts with a challenge and a good plan

Each production part brings with it its specific challenges. Whether it is a simple deep-drawn part or a workpiece that requires sophisticated welding - it is important to meet a multitude of technical, time, quality and product-specific requirements. The weighting of these factors varies from manufacturing part to manufacturing part. For the success it depends crucially on a good plan - and on its excellent implementation. At B.PRO, project management is therefore the focus of every order. It interlocks all work and aligns it exactly to the needs of the customer.

Comprehensive project consulting and product development support

"We have an idea, do you have a solution how to realise it?"

This is how often discussions with our customers begin. We can answer this question regularly with "yes". In order to fulfill exactly the customer's wishes, we clarify with him in extensive consultations, what matters for a successful realization of the project.

These discussions serve the goal of jointly developing a project plan which is ready for implementation, taking into account budget, timing and the desired number of units.
At B.PRO, we attach great importance to precisely planning the project from the first development step. This makes it possible to design even the highest functional and aesthetic requirements for the product from an economic point of view.
Our entire project management is based on planning and construction of equipment, in-house CAD tool designs and simulations of deep drawing operations.

The project management unites everything and keeps the project on track


Our ultimate goal: to create added value for our customers. For this purpose, we put together project-specific expert teams from different disciplines. In this way, we precisely combine the skills needed to successfully complete the assignment. The focus is on efficient target and target costs, on-time delivery and highest customer satisfaction.

Every successful project management starts with dialogue: in close cooperation with our customers, our team defines clear project goals. Over the entire course of the project, we rely on open communication and the transparent exchange of implementation status, methods and processes.

Feasibility study, 2D / 3D method planning and simulation

Feasibility study, method planning and simulation are essential components of our development process. We develop efficient production strategies and support our customers in a highly qualified manner in the optimal realization of your solution. In doing so, we draw on a wide range of expert knowledge in the manufacture of highly complex components made of stainless steel. The result is process-reliable and cost-optimized production concepts for all components.

For complex parts we carry out a forming simulation. This allows us to identify formability, material thinning, wrinkling and compression at an early stage. Thus, the corresponding measures can already flow into the method planning.

The first steps of our project plans at a glance:

feasibility study

  • Feasibility analysis of the component geometry
  • Feasibility, cost review and effort estimation
  • Development of specific manufacturing concepts

methods planning

  • Further development and optimization of the component geometry
  • Definition of the manufacturing process
  • Concept Method / Series Method
  • Method documentation (2D / 3D)


  • Welding and thermoforming simulation
  • Formability, material thinning
  • Wrinkling or compression
  • robustness simulation
  • surface analysis
  • Press Pass investigation
  • Tool collision monitoring



In order to test the properties of the later component, we construct 1: 1 prototypes, which are extensively tested and loaded. So we can make clear statements about the manufacturability of the desired component. This procedure has the advantage that weak points can be identified early on, as well as adjustments in the design and production can be made.



Our in-house equipment construction as well as the in-house tool shop - equipped with state-of-the-art machinery - guarantee top quality from prototype to serial production.

We build tools for our customers with a total weight of up to ten tons.

In our workshops, we manufacture tooling for stamped parts, deep-drawn parts as well as pressed and stamped parts. Complete from one source. Our experienced employees ensure that tooling systems are planned, implemented and maintained in the form of progressive dies in simple to highly complex designs.

The perfect blend of many years of experienced employees, state-of-the-art technology and short coordination paths between all those involved in the project enables us to deliver the highest quality.

Transparency in project management

"As a result of our positive developments, we regularly visit companies to learn from our experience in project management."


Thanks to a high level of transparency in project management, we offer you continuous day-to-day project monitoring in all project phases. This enables us to jointly monitor progress and to simulate possible changes at any time, thus keeping the agreed target dates in focus. Due to our strong project management, we are regularly visited by companies who wish to learn  from our experience.

We’ll be glad to advise you

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