Everything from a single source

At B.PRO, we are masters in established manufacturing processes for stainless-steel assemblies. During production, we use state-of-the-art machines and draw on the many years of experience our employees have gathered in individual segments. We are also able to integrate new manufacturing processes into our production at any time and apply them quickly.

Help from the very outset

We assist our customers in the process of developing and planning their assemblies from an early stage. Our specialists and project teams are experienced in carrying out complex projects, yet are also highly flexible when it comes to implementation strategies.

We see ourselves as a partner with a comprehensive range of services and will also take care of material sourcing, storage and shipping of products.

Advantages which you can enjoy from B.PRO:

  • Optimal planning for time management and full cost control for your projects
  • Tracking and traceability for assemblies
  • Assemblies can be partially or fully assembled in production
  • Non-productive times minimised
  • Your planning workload reduced
  • Time-consuming transport distance eliminated
  • Modifications quickly and flexibly implemented
  • Highly cost-effective