Innovative patented solution for steam cooker housing


It would be hard to imagine the professional food service industry without steam cookers. Steam cooking ensures vitamins and nutrients are retained thanks to careful temperature control while the taste of the food is improved thanks to the gentle cooking method.

The effects are as positive as the appliances are complex: steam cookers need to feature a whole variety of properties and qualities and are technically challenging as a result. Our customer already offers steam cookers for private use in the higher price segment. It now wants to provide an affordable appliance for the consumer goods market. Manufacturing
stainless-steel steam cooker housings is complicated and time-consuming and requires a certain degree of expertise.
This all leads to comparatively high manufacturing costs.

The challenge was to produce a high-quality product at a reduced manufacturing cost.

"On talking to the customer, it quickly became clear that the project could not be carried out using established production methods. We needed to change the way we looked at things and completely rethink our solutions."

Patented solution

Trumof Laser

We custom-developed a combined deep-drawing-welding process, which has also been successfully patented. This process allows the material thickness of stainless steel to be reduced to a minimum and avoids the need to rework welded seams, thus saving costs.

The method enables stainless steel to be used with a material thickness of 0.4 mm. The steel is formed in a deep-drawingprocess and joined using a plasma welding process. The entire manufacturing process is successful in its aim to avoid damaging the high-gloss surface during machining and eliminate costly finishing work.

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