Single-source supplier for Eberspächer exhaust gas separation system


Eberspächer is a renowned supplier to the automotive industry and specialises in environmental and safety solutions used in cars and trucks.

Among other items, Eberspächer offers exhaust systems for diesel trucks which comply with the EU 6 exhaust emission standard. The key component in every exhaust gas separation system is the mixing box for regulating pollutant emissions. The Eberspächer component previously used was designed based on function. Aesthetic appearance, on the other hand, was clearly neglected.

From prototype to series production


An attractive assembly group design needed to be created within a very short development time. The aim was to use experience from the prototype stage and apply it to series production.

The customer expected us to produce prototypes for three exhaust gas separation systems in a very short space of time. We responded to this request with an alternative production method. During the prototype phase, we combined individual components to create an attractive, technically optimal solution for Eberspächer. The assembly developed by B.PRO consists of different components, which are manufactured and assembled using a combination of different techniques.

Expertise and technology, an unbeatable team


We were able to offer Eberspächer a high-grade solution. Our expertise helped us to achieve this thanks to speed during the prototype stage, high financing capacities and consulting services for the assembly. We were also expert driving forces behind technical changes.

Technologies used:

We used various technologies to successfully process the order: deep drawing, laser cutting, TIG welding without filler, MAG welding, final assembly, intermediate storage of the finished assembly.

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