A radiator grille of it's own class

Caller: Hello, we have a problem and would like to discuss this with you.
Answer: Gladly, when should we make an appointment?
Caller: We are already in the car and traveling to you.

There are projects that are developed and planned with the customer for a long time. It quickly became clear that this one was not one of them! Now maximum flexibility and immediate action were required. This only works with a team that is perfectly coordinated and can develop solutions within a very short time. Our client knew that he would find all that and he entrusted us with this - as it turned out - exceptional job.

Solution in steel


Our customer - a renowned manufacturer of luxury motor vehicles from the UK - initially had very different plans for the grille of his new model. This should be made of plastic. But now, at a comparatively late point in time, we had come to the conclusion that plastic does not have the required value in order to meet the high quality standards. Instead, it should be a solution in stainless steel - and in no time.


We agreed with the customer on a project duration for the prototypes of twelve weeks. During this time, we made several prototype tools for the four different deep-drawn parts that make up the assembly. Since it is a visible part of the vehicle, which also contributes significantly to the appearance, it had to be flawless.

For this we used special laser cutting techniques and elaborate polishing techniques. This allowed us to achieve the desired high-gloss result. In the final step, selected employees were specially trained to install this particular grille. An order with a long-term effect, because to this day the assembly is carried out with particular care by these employees.


In addition to the radiator grille, we were commissioned to produce further visible parts such as door handle cladding and door sills for the series.

We are always happy when we see one of these classically beautiful vehicles on the road, then we are also a bit proud that B.PRO is part of the concept.

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