B.PRO Group

Turnover 2022

outside Germany

123 mill. Euros

40.5 %

No. of employees

approx. 642

Business units

  • B.PRO Catering Solutions: Products and systems for professional commercial kitchens.
  • ENOXX Engineering: Custom-made high-precision pieces using stainless steel, aluminium or synthetics for industry.
  • B.PRO CZ s.r.o., Frýdek-Místek (Czech Republic)
  • BRIMATO Catering Automation Technology GmbH

Distribution companies and offices

  • B.PRO Benelux bv, Diest (Belgium)
  • B.PRO France S.A.R.L., Sausheim (France)
  • B.PRO Austria GmbH, Vienna (Austria)
  • B.PRO GmbH, Swiss branch, Steinhausen (Switzerland)
  • B.PRO Representative Office Barcelona (Spain)


B.PRO is a subsidiary of BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding;
whose shares are 50% each to the families Blanc and Fischer.

Board of Directors

Egon Kofler, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Emerged from BLANCO GmbH
as a legally independent company in 2007


B.PRO represents a living, value-oriented corporate culture.